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Diwali – through the eyes of a child!

Last week was the celebration of Diwali and we like a good excuse to try something new here at Crafty Cooks and so all the little cooks set about making some delicious samosa’s – though not quite authentic, as made with pastry they went down a storm. I’m always slightly concerned when I do anything different, it only takes one or two overly dubious children to put the entire class off of their farings, but each class ate them up with great gusto, just the same as last years chefs. The recipe is very simple, cold mashed potato, peas and a bit of tumeric and garam masala and the result is a beautifully yellow pasty. Many of the kids had eaten curry before, but for some this was a whole new experience with tastes and smells they had never experienced before. The kids did fantastically, the first class not aided in any way by diabolical traffic meaning they arrived late and had to hurry through,speedily chopping their butter, rubbing it in to their flour and making a beautiful pastry!


We learnt a bit about the story of Diwali whilst the samosas cooked, of  Rama and Sita, the warrior prince and his beautiful wife, the evil king with ten heads and twenty arms who stole this beautiful wife, and the hero monkey king who helped to find her. I asked the kids what Daddy would do if Mummy got stolen – expecting them to say go and find her, most did but one little, rather astute chap said he doubted his Daddy would go looking, Mummy nagged far too much! Another one, the sweetest child you could meet, replied ‘I’d punch him in the face’, his Mother looked slightly shocked and tried to explain that you should ask very nicely if he could please hand her back and there was no need for violence, but he wasn’t having any of it, there is, it would seem, a time and a place for manners and this would not be one of them!  It seemed a foolproof plan to win back your princess until one of the Mums threw a bit of a conundrum into the equation with two little words… which face?

They also decided that the evil king was probably evil on account of having ten heads, twenty arms and most likely suffering an intolerable level of bullying as a boy, some even felt a bit sorry for the king and thought maybe he could keep her as he’s probably very nice once you get to know him and the prince was wealthy and handsome and would find a new princess in no time! Anyway, having won them round to the fact the king being killed by a poisonous arrow and the prince and princess being reunited was a good thing, we talked about the lights to guide them home and how it is known as the festival of lights and in a final flurry of Diwali fun we made some fab little chocolate sparklers. These are dead simple. Take one chocolate finger, dip the end into hot water, and then into a cup of sprinkles and hey presto!

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