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A healthy Halloween

I seem to be have been swamped with life just recently, dance shows, gym shows, Children in need, Christmas tombolas and of course the new term juggle where everybody always wants the same day and I just can’t squeeze them all in! The blog has taken a bit of a backseat and so I am going to do a bit of playing catch up, starting with Halloween!

Halloween seems a bit of a controversial topic with many people, most people seem to either love it or hate it and some just tolerate it for the kids. Before I had kids I hated it. We lived on a main road and the only people that knocked were teenagers who wanted a fag! Now though I live around a lovely green with loads of kids that my children play with and now, I actually enjoy it. We all know where everyone lives and who’s house to knock on, we also follow the pumpkin code of conduct. This year we were invited toa  little party at a neighbours, obviously you don’t want to go empty handed and so we thought of all sorts of creative things to make and set our hearts on some jelly worms we had seen on facebook. The premise of the idea is that you tightly pack some drinking straws in a container and fill with a jelly mixture. Well, we failed miserably, despite tight packing, adding copious amounts of gelatine to try and thicken the jelly, a variety of containers, even resorting to bunging up the bottoms with blu tac! The result was a whole load of gooey straws in the bin and jelly that when it set was so stiff you could eat it like a biscuit!

Plan B went far better, we made a skeleton out of an array of veggies and even bought some celery for the occasion. My kids have never been fans before but after a sneaky steal, my eldest decided that he loved it – result!


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